To clean your leather bag, the simplest way is to use a damp cloth to wipe away any obvious spillages, and to always make sure the bag is left to dry naturally away from strong and direct heat. Occasionally it can be a good idea to give your bag a once over with some leather balm, this can stop the leather from drying out and may help it from staining and marking as frequently.


All our bags are handmade in London by a very small team of experienced leather craftsman. We are dedicated to supporting local businesses. As one ourselves we feel it’s vital to use the small companies around you, also they’re pretty much always the best !

We use Italian vegetable tanned leathers, this is a traditional craft using vegetable tannins and can take 5-12 weeks from start to finish. To make the bags we use hand picked hides, we ask you to bare in mind that these leathers will vary in tone and will mark with use, this is just part of the beauty of using such a raw material, these marks will quickly blend into the leather and age beautifully with the bag. The leather used on more mass produced commercial bags frequently has a plastic film sprayed over it which will stop it marking quite as much but does give it that plastic look and feel that we feel diminishes the beauty of quality leathers.  We leave our edges raw and the leather thick so you can appreciate it for the beutiful handmade product that it is.